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A trip such as we are undertaking should be remembered in all its apspects. Scott is keeping everyone updated about our adventures in a very detailed & humorous way. The children write regular journal entries and so add their own perspective to the story. For me, the opportunity for this cruising journey came at a time when I felt the need to have a closer look at Life. My reflections thus focus on the personal & philosophical musing that this experience is creating the time and the opportunity for.

First Reflections- September 2003

Embarking on our journey:

impressions of how we're learning to adapt to this different life.

Learning how to relinquish control,

how to relax into going with the flow.

On Adventure and Perception - November 2003

About “adventure”,

about how one's perception helps form reality,

and about how meeting delightful people along the way helps maintain the dream of the possibility of creating a peaceful world.

Papua New Guinea - January 2004

Our impressions of Papua New Guinea.

Why we decided to return to Australia instead of continuing on our way to the US.

It's a Small World - January 2004

It is a small, small world: about the coincidences that bring people together.

About slowing down and finding the time to read some interesting material.

Education on Board - January 2004

How is life on board with 2 pre-teens? Imagine living with your whole family in a universe that's the size of your living room. Are they getting any formal education? A bit of a tongue-in-cheek look at how home schooling is coming along.

Sydney - June 2004

Reminiscing about the wonderful times we've had with our visitors while being in the Sydney area.

Recounting the advantages of having the large amounts of “time-for-oneself” this adventure provides.

New Caledonia - September 2004

New Caledonia and reflections on a year before the mast.

Hawaii - April 2005

Our first months in Hawai'i, after a delightful visit to family and friends.