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15 January 2005

18 January 2005

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9 March 2005
21° 56.915N, 159° 21.361W

We're in Nawiliwili Harbour on the island of Kaua'i. We had a semi-uneventful overnight sail over from Oahu. Left at 2pm instead of 4am because the fuel transfer pump that I had ordered to fix the starboard diesel didn't arrive until that morning. In light variable winds we tacked around the exclusion zone off Pearl Harbour, avoided a inbound destroyer and submarine, got alternately rained on and becalmed off Barber's Point, had a nice moonlight sail until the block on the main halyard broke around midnight at which point I had a nice moonlight mast climbing experience to retreive the halyard. Then, the winds kicked up to a solid 15 knots so we reefed and finished up the remaining 40 miles in about 4 very bouncy hours, dodging an Army ship and a tug-and-barge on the way in to Nawiliwili with which we were immediately favorably impressed. When the harbour master asked us how long we wanted to stay Karin said, "a month." So that's what we're doing.

6 April 2005
21° 19.660N, 158° 07.160W

We're enjoying a berth in Ko'Olina, the only "real" marina in Hawaii, on Oahu's west coast after an invigorating (ie. 2nd reef) overnight sail from Kauai.

  • Making Land
    On the utility of the shore as a point of reference.

12 April 2005
northwest of 21° 19.660N, 158° 07.160W

After an entirely satisfactory celebration of my birthday (thanks for the chocolate cake recipe, Hayley) we're forsaking the comforts of Ko'Olina for some of Oahu's leeward anchorages.

19 April 2005
21° 19.660N, 158° 07.160W

We're back in Ko'Olina gearing getting ready to go to Molokai, Lanai, Maui and the Big Island around the end of the week. We had a great mini-cruise up the West Coast stopping off at Kahe Point (Hawaiian Electric Beach), where we swam with the local pod of spinner dolphins, and Pokai Bay.

30 April 2005
19° 43.935N, 155° 03.166W

We're in Radio Bay (Hilo) having enjoyed stops in Kaneohe Bay (Oahu) Lono Harbor (Molokai), Kaumalapau Bay (Lanai), and Makena Bay (Maui). The channel crossings were mostly pretty rough, but Alenuihaha, the worst one, was perfect. In fact conditions were so perfect that we left immediately after lunch from Molokini where we had been snorkling. It blew 5 - 7 knots from the SW all afternoon, a perfect spinnaker beam reach. We were across the Lake formerly known as Alenuihaha before sunset. The land breeze even cooperated, prolonging the spinnaker run until 11pm when the wind changed to SE and then died. We motorsailed most of the 30 miles remaining reaching the familiar port of Hilo just after sunrise. Karin says that I'll have to fly back to Maui because the odds of having three light-wind days in the Alenuihaha channel are impossibly long.

26 May 2005
northwest of 19° 43.935N, 155° 03.166W

After an enjoyable sojourn in Hilo, we've left the Big Island for points north: Maui, Molokai and Oahu.

31 May 2005
20° 51.900N, 156° 41.026W

We're in Lahaina on the island of Maui. We had a nice overnight trip from Hilo to Maui, hung out for a day at Makena (found a $20 bill snorkling) and then moved up to Lahaina where we've tied up to a LYC mooring and booked a hotel for a couple of nights.

10 June 2005
21° 19.660N, 158° 07.160W

We're back in Ko'Olina (Oahu) having spent several delightful days in Honolua Bay (northern tip of Maui) swimming with the local pod of spinner dolphins. Stopped for the night off Kalaupapa (Molokai) after a brilliant sail down Molokai's mountainous north coast. Trades howled all night so we were happy to get an early start for Oahu the next day. Every time we've been in Ko'Olina the trades have come up and this time is no exception. Days and days of small craft advisories and the wind howling in the rigging. Nice time to be tied up to a dock.

22 June 2005
21° 19.660N, 158° 07.160W

Karin and the kids are back in Pacifica where Karin has a new phone number with the familiar 650 area code.

Crew, in the form of Dave and Richard, has arrived and the to-do list is rapidly dwindling. We'll leave for the mainland today or tomorrow.

8 July 2005
37° 50.268N, 122° 18.525W

Endless Summer had a pleasant 2700-mile passage from Ko'Olina to San Francisco in almost exactly 15 days. Winds were generally light, with the strongest wind being 18 knots in the Kauai Channel. Many, many days of beam reach spinnaker flying, &c. Dismal. Due to thick fog and an urgent need to avoid an outbound freighter, our first sight of California was the Point Bonita Light from a distance that look like about 25 feet. Didn't see the Golden Gate Bridge until we were under it. Travelogue to come.

5 August 2006

Only a year late.