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Queensland (Australia) Cruising Details - April 2004

A collection of handy facts relevent to cruising Queensland's east coast.

A Biased Review of an F41 - June 2004

People have been pestering to do this for at least a year, but I'm lazy and I wanted enough time with the boat to be sure of my opinions.

How Works - July 2004

How the web site is put together. Very low-tech.

New South Wales (Australia) Cruising Details - September 2004

Cruising the NSW coast. Lots of Sydney details.

New Caledonia Cruising Details - October 2004

Useful information for cruising New Caledonia.

Making Land

On the utility of the shore as a point of reference.

San Francisoco Photo Update

Hawaii Cruising Details

Useful information for cruising the Hawiian Islands.